I like to think that I know that I’m talking about but I’m by no means an expert or a pro. I used to be a journalist but that was in the arts section of a really small paper. I used to play baseball but I wasn’t really very good. I’m now a baseball coach, but it’s for my sons’ little league teams. I’ve watched an awful lot of baseball over the years, though, and I’ve read a lot of books: I follow a tonne of media and I’ve always had to fight the urge to yell at the radio or fill up the comment box when I disagree with what I hear. So I decided to set up this blog where I can spill out my ideas as much and as often as I like, just to get them out of me and out into the “there” where, sure, nobody is ever going to read them, but nobody was going to care about my comments on Twitter or the call-in shows anyway.