A Win! It’s a Start…

The boys in blue are 3 and 11 now, but let’s not get too excited quite yet


Blue Jays 3, Red Sox 0

It’s always nice getting one in the win column, especially when you need one as badly as the Jays did last night, and it was a well-played game by the boys in Blue. What’s more, it all went according to the plan drawn up during the off season: great starting pitching, some timely hits (with runners in scoring position no less!), with Biagini to Grilli to Osuna to close things out.

So you know: wahoo!


One win does not a season make, nor a terrible start erase. I’m genuinely and honestly not trying to be a downer Negative Nelly here, but there are some hard truths to face even in the teeth of victory.

First and foremost is the simple fact that Pablo Sandoval and Mitch Moreland had as much to do with the win as anything the Blue Jays did. If not for their two errors in the third, none of the three runs the Jays got that inning would have scored, leaving them with zero runs through nine. In one sense, it is true that the errors are an example of how the Jays outplayed the Sox by putting up a better defence—but it’s surpassingly rare for a major league team, any major league team, to commit two errors in the same inning. You just can’t count on it happening very often.

But the Jays did “capitalize on the mistakes” with some timely hits…from Barney, Carrera and Pillar. Of those three, the only one I want to see out there on a regular basis is Pillar; Barney and Carrera are bench players and if your plan is suddenly to rely on them, then your plan stinks. What’s more pertinent here is that there were, once again, zero runs produced by Devon Travis (0-3 at the plate), José Bautista (0-4 with two strike outs), Kendrys Morales (0-3) and Russell Martin (0-4). The team combined left seventeen men on base. That’s a terrible offensive line that nine times out of ten (or eleven times out of fourteen) is going to lose you games.

But, hey, they won! Wahoo! This could be the start of the turn around, right? Sure, yeah, maybe. It’s a long season, there’s still time. They can build off this victory and start working their way back into it.

And they’ll get their chance to start doing that this afternoon against Chris Sale:

Chris. Sale.

Here’s hoping Sandoval and Moreland make a lot of mistakes. Here’s hoping Barney and Carrera are ready to bludgeon Sale. Here’s hoping Travis, Bautista and Martin had their Wheaties.

Here’s hoping.

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