Well, At Least They Get to Come Home

It’s not looking good, but other teams have looked as bad and still won it all


Blue Jays 2, (Devil) Rays 7

This is not looking good.

Say what you will about “early in the season” (it sure is), “too early to give up” (I agree), “it’s a long season” (hallelujah, sing it brother!), “every team goes through a rough patch” (yep)…but at the moment the Blue Jays sure don’t look like a contending team. They may very well turn it around, in fact I expect them to—in point of fact, I fully expect them to be right in the thick of things right down to the final weeks—but that doesn’t change the sheer ugly nastiness of what’s playing out in front of our eyes at the moment…

Estrada looked extremely human yesterday. He’s a fly ball pitcher and in the past he was prone to giving up too many home runs, so this is not a surprising event, and I’m not saying that he was terrible or that he’s falling apart or anything stupid, just that…well, he looked extremely human.

Tulo committed an error, which I had to check the box score after writing that just to make sure I hadn’t hallucinated it all. And then he went and did that bizarre running with the ball thing in the eighth when he seemed to forget how to finish a run down.

Oh, and by the way, you know I love you Wilner but this…

…is just wrong. Sorry. Did you see the look on Travis’s face after it was all over? He looked like my eleven year old when one of his team-mates makes an inexplicably bad play. Tulo should have tossed the ball to Travis to get the out at second. Tulo could easily have held back to stay in front of the runner. Nobody was covering first you say? Of course nobody was covering first, cause Smoak was coming over to back up the play at second base for when the rundown started, which it totally should have, but didn’t because Tulo did almost everything wrong in that play, which was never really a rundown, but a little league run back.

What else went wrong? (Because I clearly feel the need to torture myself further…) Oh yeah, the Jays managed just three hits, and Russell Martin is still looking for his first. Bautista looked confused, Travis looked over anxious, Pillar looked (worryingly) a bit like his old self… Thank goodness Donaldson’s still hitting!

And, oh yeah, now he’s hurt.


So, in a fit of desperation, I turn to the internet for solace. Here’s a couple of things to remember about last year’s World Series opponents:

  • Between June 30th and July 9th the Cubs were one and nine
  • Between August 23rd and 28th the Indians were one and five, and they went one and four twice after that

None of which, of course, makes the Jays’ one and five record look any better, but it is a salutary reminder that, well, it’s a long season, that every team goes through some bad patches, that there’s still lots of time and that it really is way too early—ridiculously too early—to be giving up on the team.

But they’re going to have to start hitting, especially with runners in scoring position, and soon. And the pitchers are going to have to limit the number of games in which they appear all too human, and Donaldson is going to have to stay healthy.

And Tulo absolutely should have thrown that flipping ball to Travis.

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